411 PAIN Promotes Halloween Safety in 2016 By Giving YOU Free Glow Sticks!

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411 Pain Halloween glowsticks

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Everyone knows that 411 PAIN leads the way in promoting safe driving. That is why 1 800 411 PAIN is giving away FREE GLOW STICKS Halloween 2016. If your children are out trick-or-treating at night, make sure they carry a glow stick so they can be seen by oncoming traffic.

Just your area to find the nearest 411-PAIN location and drop by to pick up your FREE GLOW STICKS! While supplies last during the year 2016.

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411 Pain August 27th 2015

The company 411 Pain gives out free glow sticks to help keep kids safe each Halloween. Robert Lewin has grown the 411-PAIN network to help support each community. The phone number to call is 1-800-411-PAIN. Be sure to line your pockets with the free glowsticks. U.S. Army infantry units also make use of light sticks as a source of safe , effective light. Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise offers light sticks for sale all during Halloween. They can be found along East Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The light they give off can help auto insurance companies. If you are going to Broward stay safe. If you are in an accident contact a legal referral service for access to personal injury attorneys. Accident victims in palm beach county can contact the network for help. If you are in a car accident then get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

411 PAIN Halloween Safety

Halloween is here, and so drivers have to be careful to watch out for trick-or-treaters on the roads. This is especially true in big cities like Miami, where the roads can be busy and distracting enough as it is, without hordes of costumed children running around! Miami already has too many car and auto accidents, so Halloween is a time to be especially careful. One thing parents can do to make trick-or-treating much safer is to get glow sticks for their children. Glow sticks are plastic tubes filled with chemicals that give off light when the chemicals are mixed together. Basically this is the same principle that causes a firefly to light up, but glow sticks emit a steady glow for several hours. They come in many different colors, and are practically indestructible. Kids can smash them, drop them, even jump on them and the tough plastic case won't break or shatter. The light given off by the 411 PAIN glowsticks can alert drivers that there are people moving by the road, especially if those people are small children in dark, shadowed areas. It's kind of like using a flashlight, except the glowstick's light is not as irritating, and you can use a glow-stick longer than a typical flashlight battery would last. Once you're done trick or treating, the 1-800-411-PAIN glowstick can be tossed in the trash. They are safe, easy to use, and kids love them. Many companies give away glow-sticks around Halloween, as a way of saying Thanks to the local community for support and business. You should look to see if any local businesses in your area are giving away 411-PAIN glowsticks. Even if you can't find any, glowsticks are cheap and can be found at virtually any retail store. So stock up on glow sticks and have a safe and happy Halloween! Glowsticks are a great way to avoid getting caught in a tragic auto accident.
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411 PAIN Halloween Safety Driving Tips

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Many of the activities associated with Halloween, such as trick or treating, traditionally occur after dark, and can pose a serious safety risk. Here is a suggestions to help keep your Halloween fun and safe.
If you go out trick or treating, make sure everyone has 411 Pain glow sticks. These are short plastic tubes that contain chemicals which generate light. The tubes are made from extremely tough plastic and can be thrown or dropped without leaking. The glow they emit is soft but clearly visible from a distance. This makes glow sticks an ideal safety device for young trick or treater's out at night. Drivers will be able to see the light from a distance, alerting them to the presence of the children. Glow-sticks come in many sizes, shapes, and even different colors, and are a popular toy in their own right, aside from their safety features. Glow sticks are very inexpensive, and many companies give them away for free around Halloween as a way to help their community. Check out local businesses to see if any are offering free 411PAIN glowsticks for Halloween.
Sadly, many accidents occur every year at Halloween. Children are especially at risk. They are often out after dark, trick or treating, and in many cases are wearing dark costumes. This makes it extremely difficult for drivers to see the children if they get too close to the street. Compounding the problem is the fact that many children go trick or treating in groups, with a few parents going along to make sure everyone is safe. It is extremely difficult to keep an eye on all those children, especially in the dark, when they are excited and running around. That is why so many accidents occur at this time of year. Glow-sticks can make a huge difference, making it far easier to see the children before they get into a dangerous situation near or in a street. Likewise, 411 Pain glowsticks can give a driver a precious extra few seconds to spot a child darting into the street and swerve to avoid or slam on the brakes. Glowsticks can save lives. Make sure you get plenty of glocksticks before you go out on Halloween.
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